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Gary Richmond
Director of Gary Richmond Ministries

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I have been a pastor for 35 years and am continuing as God's servant through Gary Richmond Ministries. We are dedicated to meeting the heartbreaking and complex needs of single parents and their children.

IN MOST CASES single parents have discovered that most people don't "live happily ever after." Their children have discovered that truth, also. Some are divorced, others never married, and some have lost their mates to death. All are emotionally devastated, overwhelmed, and at a loss regarding how to move on.

SADLY MOST CHURCHES are not equipped to help the divorced and often make their situations more difficult. It took me several years to feel that I was truly and solidly helping the people entrusted to my care.

I HAVE LEARNED WHAT TO DO and what to say and am very prepared to help single parents. I am also able to help churches help single parents and their children find peace, footing, and rest.


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