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We offer counseling to single parents and their children on a graduated scale. Those in poverty would receive counseling at no cost, whereas those who have sufficient resources would not pay more than an appropriate rate for counseling services. The service will be offered on a sliding scale to ensure that it is affordable to all in need.


This program helps adults recover more quickly from the pains of divorce and move on with their lives. We will address such topics as:

  • depression
  • forgiveness
  • healing damaged emotions
  • single-parent finances
  • making healthy choices during recovery
  • how to support your children in their healing process
Mastering these skills will help participants re-engage life in a positive manner. Discovering God is an important part of the healing process. Participants will come to understand that their lives are in a bad chapter in a book with a joyful ending.


For couples in deep marital trouble we offer counseling, also available on a sliding scale. Reconciliation after months or years of hurtful communication or inappropriate behavior can be a very difficult process. A skilled and caring counselor can make a tremendous difference.


We offer assistance and counseling for children and parents when there is more than one family, due to remarriage or children from a previous relationship. Also, preparation for re-marriage is essential to the future success of a new marriage when children are involved.

Step-parenting can be taught so that new spouses may avoid the pitfalls of damaging their relationships by mis-handling situations involving step-children. Also, identifying unhealthy behavior in one's previous marriage can prevent repeating old patterns in the new relationship.


We teach extended classes on parenting, single-parenting, and the need for co-parenting. There is every reason that single-parent children can be just as happy and successful as kids from "traditional" families.


Gary Richmond has been a favorite on the speaking circuit throughout his ministry career. He has spoken at Forest Home, Hume Lake, Mt. Herman, Canon Beach, Heartland, and the beautiful Camp Malibu in Canada - just to name a few.

Much of his speaking is teaching the Christian life with exciting, humorous, and fascinating stories from his time as a Zookeeper and Veterinarian's Assistant at the Los Angeles Zoo. Gary often speaks at Home School group events, family camps, and MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers). He also provides trips to the zoo with groups up to 50 - contact Gary for details.

Gary also speaks on topics such as divorce, single-parenting, and marriage reconciliation and is beloved by all ages, from young children to active seniors.

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